Linear inertial model

The linear inertial model is the linearized version of the inertial wave equation. That is the Sainv-Venant equations without the convective term. The equation is described (including discertization) for example in Montero, R. A., Schwanenberg, D., Hatz, M., & Brinkmann, M. (2013). Simplified hydraulic modelling in model predictive control of flood mitigation measures along rivers. Journal of Applied Water Engineering and Research, 1(1), 17-27.

How to use

It is a Matlab function, that can be called with the following code:

[x A Bd D,Hinit]=LinearInertial(z,b,h0,n,q0,s,l,dt,NodeNumGiven,ModelType)

where n is the Manning’s coefficient, q is the discharge, B is the bottom width, Sb is the bottom slope, Y0 is the downstream water depth and L is the length of the channel. dt is the discretization time and NodeNumGiven is the number of space nodes used for discretization. ModelType has not function for the time being.


See the file TestLineraInertial.m