Calculation of the backwater area

How to use

This file calculates the backwater area for any point in a channel.


An example:

[freq, p21_mag_dist, p22_mag_dist, p11_mag_dist, p12_mag_dist, appra11, appra12, appra21, appra22 ]=BackwaterAreaApproximation(m, B, Sb, n,q, x, Y0, Startexp, Finexp, TimePoints,SpacePoints);


There are two files, BackwaterApproximation and BackwaterApproximationFast. The difference is only one line, the fast is not computing all the frequency range, it only computes the lowest frequency.


The implementation uses the formula (Eq. 3.7 from Horváth, Klaudia. “Model predictive control of resonance sensitive irrigation canals.” (2013).)